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Our team is passionately working to build a smarter future. We are very excited about solving real world problems with our global partners.

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Our Story

The Smart IoT Ecosystem for Everyone

Kloog was founded in 2014 by twin brothers, Adib and Niaz, who dreamt of working together from an early age. Both were fascinated by computers growing up and loved the idea of building things, so they pursued similar but separate paths in engineering. Adib was excited about designing hardware and Niaz was passionate about developing software. After building products in the mobile and consumer electronics space for well over a decade, they decided to pursue their dream.

Today they are building an amazing team working on innovative technology to disrupt the Wearables and Internet of Things market.

Our Team

  • Niaz Jalal

    Founder and CEO

  • Adib Jalal

    Founder and CTO

  • Michael Reidbord


  • Ed Colligan

    Former President & CEO, Palm, Inc.

  • Frank Baitman

    Former CIO, U.S Department of Health and Human Services

  • Mark White

    Founding Partner, White Summer Caffee & James LLP

  • Karl Townsend

    Project Lead (Hardware Guy), Google

  • Kurt Daniel

    President, Ubersmith

  • Manu Chatterjee

    CEO, Moodwire

Come Work With Us

We are hiring and searching for talented, energetic, versatile, and resourceful individuals in the following areas:

Embedded Software - Microchip

Embedded Software

Product Design - Lightbulb

Product Design

Mechanical Design - Gears

Mechanical Design

Hardware Design - Electrical Board

Hardware Design

Industrial Design - Fountain Pen

Industrial Design

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